Friday Evening: Creating La Dolce Vita, one bite at a time

March 19, 2010
Cooking demonstration & discussion
Montecito Library

March 26, 2010
CALM Author's Reception
Fess Parker's Doubletree, Santa Barbara

March 27, 2010
CALM Author's Luncheon
Fess Parker's Doubletree, Santa Barbara

Best Parenting Book

Pentola Press is proud to announce the release of its first book Friday Evening: Creating La Dolce Vita, one bite at a time.

Friday Evening is now in stock and available.

"This book illustrates how to create La Dolce Vita through food as a main catalyst. Inspired by Michele Carbone's transition from a corporate engineer to a full time caregiver for her disabled daughter Kristin, and enlightened by family gatherings in Italy, Friday Evening tells the story of how to effortlessly prepare and enjoy large traditional Italian dinners with family and friends. Michele reveals to us her techniques for shopping, taking advantage of fresh seasonal produce, equipping a kitchen and producing authentic meals the Italian way. Her seasonal menus and humorous stories will inspire you to begin your own culinary journey. Michele reminds us that the most important aspect of living is Friday Evening with la cucina e la famiglia!"

Food for thought, and cheaper than a night out, Friday Evening: Creating La Dolce Vita, one bite at a time is a must read. In it, Michele takes you on a strange and wonderful journey through a chef's/cook's mind. You will laugh, cry, giggle, and come back hungry for seconds….

"More than just a cookbook with great photography, Friday Evening is an inspired tribute to the ageless ceremony of sharing a meal with family and friends. The recipes are easy to follow, elegant, authentic and delicious. After a few pages you'll be picking up the phone to invite everyone you love to dinner."

—Philip Kirkwood, Publisher, Food & Home Magazine